Decking Glossary

Spans between the posts and supports the joists.

Decking Boards
Floor surface of the deck nailed to the joists.

Boards that are attached around the sides of the deck floor, covering the ends of the deck boards and the perimeter joists for decorative purposes.

Concrete bases embedded in the ground. They provide main support for the deck.

Provide support for the decking boards, usually 16 inches on center.

Joist Hangers
Metal fasteners that attach joists to ledger board.

Ledger Board
The board that attaches directly to the existing structure.

Concrete blocks located above the footing. Usually 6 inches high.

Vertical supports that rest on piers and support the beam.

Post Anchors
Metal brackets that attach the post to piers.

Rim Joist
Sometimes called "perimeter joist." Butts up against the joist ends, usually on the side of the deck away from the house.

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