Millwork Glossary

Ornamental wood, either carved or moulded, placed on another piece of wood without structural significance.

Back Band
A rabbetted moulding used to surround the outside edge of casing.

Base Cap
A decorative member installed flush against the wall and the top of an S4S baseboard.  Also a versatile panel moulding.

Base Moulding
A band of moulding around the bottom of a wall at the floor line

Molding or framing applied to the framework of doors and windows.

A decorative bracket made of wood or stone

The uppermost section of moulding along the top of a wall.

Crown Molding
A molding where the wall and ceiling meet; uppermost molding along furniture or cabinetry

A series of small square blocks uniformly spaced and projecting like teeth. Often used in a cornice or mantel treatment.

Factory or Shop Lumber An industrial lumber grade primarily used for millwork.

Finger Jointed
Mouldings, windows and doors are manufactured from factory or shop lumber grades.

A narrow band of wood between two flutes in a wood member; a flat, square moulding separating other mouldings.

An arrangement and direction of alignment for wood elements or fibers; can be straight or spiral grain; also used loosely to indicate texture.

Half Round
A moulding whose profile is half a circle.  May be used as a screen moulding or bead, shelf edge or panel mould.

The close-grained wood from broad-leaved trees such as oak or maple.

The wood that surrounds the door unit. This is your frame to which the door unit (door, doors, and/or doors and sidelights) is attached.

Lip Moulding
A moulding designed to cover the exposed edge of another surface.

Finished woodwork, cabinetry, carving, etc

Moulding or Molding
A general term for strip of contoured wood or other material applied to a wall or other surface.

Panel Divider
A moulding which separates two vertical wood panels along their common edges.

Picture Moulding
A moulding which bands a room below the ceiling line, typically with a lip on the top edge so pictures may be hung from the moulding.

Plate Rail
A decorative shelf banding a room below the ceiling line with a groove in the top to stand ornamental plates on.

Quarter Round
Versatile quarter round may be used as a base shoe, inside corner moulding or to cover any 90 degree recessed junctures. 

Raised Moulding
A moulding not on the same level or plane as the wood member to which it is applied.

A concave molding.

Shingle/Panel Mould
A decorative pattern, originally used to trim out raised panel wall construction.

Easily worked wood or wood from a conebearing tree.

Solid Moulding
Non-finger-jointed mouldings; solid length.

Specialty Millwork
Millwork manufactured by special order to suit a particular job.

Specified Lengths
Mouldings sold and shipped in lengths specified by the customer such as all 7 and/or 14-feet, 8 and/or 16-feet, all 8-feet, etc.

A moulded interior trim member serving as a sash or window frame sill cap.

Tear Drop
A term given to mouldings with a gradual curved profile.

A large bead; opposite of scotia; rope like moulding.

Covers and beautifies plywood's/wainscot's upper edge or rough sandwich edge in installation where it is exposed to view.

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